Have you heard or read about  Aliko Dangote the billionaire?  I find several virtues coming out in his life history, namely
  • Respect
  • humility
  • Faith in God
  • Hard work
  • truthfulness
  • honesty
  • discipline
  • leadership qualities
  • good steward of money

The Word of God laid in our hearts is the premise by which we prosper.  People ask ‘how can I be rich, wealthy,  be blessed have abundance as a child of God, enjoy life and live long.  God blesses people whether in the Old Testament e.g. Job, Abraham, Joseph, Solomon or in the New Testament, Joseph of Arimathea. In the N.T also for Paul, godliness should be combined with contentment which is of great spiritual gain to the Christian [I Tim.6:6] and this is a virtue which must be learned. [Phil 4:1-12]
If you don’t align yourself with what God wants you to do when you are blessed you will have problems.  It will also all sink if you don’t know how to handle it;  and because we will account for it, don’t spend all in one day or use it unwisely.
Money plays a major role in life but, also money gives a false sense of security 1 Ttim 6;16-17;  Mk 10;25;  Matt 6;24 and Prov 11;28.
Hard work is also required of us – don’t live in a fantasy world of having it but not working for it. At the same time disabuse from your mind that money is wrong so you will not do anything to get it [1 Tim 5;8]   Hard work pays [as in Jn 5;17]  God himself is a worker.
To the believer money is a tool for evangelism Deut 8;18; Job 31  Phil 4;15.
How exciting it is that for a simple act of faith [and possibly several others] Aliko Dangotewas blessed by an anointed man of God with benefits flowing from God for several years to come.  Let us use our wealth in the kingdom of God and still gives cheerfully as God prospers us, or as we are able. 1 cor.16;2; 2 cor 9:6-15  remembering that  giving benefits others, and  us  and also glorifies God.