Gods Grace is abundant

8 years ago I was sitting in my room getting high sniffing powder cocaine drinking
beer and liquor. I had got so high. I walk down the street and as I walked i came upon
a church. And when I looked the church doors was open and the pastor and some
 members were having a good time. Even though I was high and drunk I walked in the
 church and sat right beside the pastor and hugged her neck as I talk to her. In my
heart I came to do no wrong. I guess my spirit was calling for God. But someone saw
the devil in me so they called the police on me. The police came to the church to get
me out there cause I was high and under the influence of alcohol. But when the police
got there they called my name Edwin come out side.

I started walking toward them but
 as I walked toward them I remembered I had drugs on me. So I ran past them to get
the drugs off me. The police chased me. Finally I gave up when I had threw the drugs
off of me. They took me to jail but it wasn't easy . I put up a fight. And even threaten the
 officer. But when i woke up in jail I realize how the devil tricked me to get that high to
destroy me. But my God my Jesus turned it around for my good. I got saved while I was
 in jail. And came out a new person. And today I went back to that same church that
I got arrested at 8 years ago to give up my testimony. It was amazing to give God the
glory. Even though they called the police it was really a call from God. And I answered
it with a yes. I'm all better now. To God be all the glory. God bless.